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“Orphe” is more than just another stylish shoes. It contains within itself LEDs, sensors and Bluetooth module. Soles that carries individually-controllable, full-color LEDs exert brighter colors than previous LED shoes. Sensors detect all types of foot motion.



Users are able to freely customize sound, light, data sent from the sensors and various information taken from the Internet. Meaning, “Orphe” is a flexible product that can accommodate different needs depending on user’s ideas.

For example:
Lights up in accordance with foot motion
Music performance using shoes as electronic instrument
Lights up in accordance with music
Motion monitoring of dancing and playing sports
Interactive art project
Controller for electronics, games, etc.
Infinitely versatile and no difficult operation necessary. We created an app that anyone can handle with ease. Sound/light/motion data that is customized by users via the app is called “SCENE”, which can be shared with people all around the world through internet.


What if creators and users can connect beyond borders more easily and frequently? What if there is a free, democratic platform where that is possible? Wouldn’t we be able to accelerate the evolution of everyday products and better our lives? “Orphe” is developed as an answer to such questions. Each and every product that surrounds us today is shaped in its particular way as a result of years of usage exploration and form revisions. With the advanced network of our time, cloud sharing of “SCENE” leads to sharing of various convenient uses of “Orphe”.
Furthermore, we provide free SDK that enables developers all around the world to create and share their unique iOS/android app that corresponds with “Orphe”. The more of such apps are created, the more uses of “Orphe” are discovered and hence users’ experience would be enhanced.
Regardless of boundaries such as nationality, age, occupation and creator/user roles, people all around the world can come together and collaborate easily through “Orphe”. Sharing of various know-how of “Orphe” leads to instinctive creations that enrich our lives. We hope to see various innovative uses and projects discovered through “Orphe”, which is capable of mediating between daily activities and creative projects.

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We’re ready to support the creation of new forms of expression by users + Orphe!

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