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Life becomes Art.
A brand new
“Smart Footwear”

Beautiful gradation and catchable animation. Orphe has a LED sole inside which realize completely new expression, but that’s not all. Built-in motion sensor will detect your legs movement in real time, and your walk will get analyzed in high accurate data. By connecting to smartphone and computer, Orphe may turn into a musical instrument and controller. If you are a developer, you can develop an application compatible with Orphe by using the free SDK. You may use this as a dance, music, health care, VR/AR and more.

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About 100 individually controllable LEDs
Delicate but dynamic express

You may edit the light color, design, motion freely, by compatible application in smartphone.
Introduce this new expression into dance, art performance.


Wireless Connection
Connect with Smartphone and Mac

Connect with smartphone/computer with BLE, then send and receive the data. Combining with the application, Orphe will turn into a musical instrument and controller.

connect with BLE

Orphe APP

Editing light and sound freely.

Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット
Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット
Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット

Built-in 9-axis motion sensor
Analyze the motion in real time

9-axis sensors contains acceleration/angular velocity/terrestrial magnetism and they will detect the motion of your legs.


Orphe Piano

Convert foot movement to music. A new music performance application using Orphe

Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット
Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット
Orphe App[iOS] スクリーンショット

Expand functions by SDK
Developing compatible application

To make a compatible application with Orphe, we have released the SDK for the developer. By using the SDK, Orphe’s field does not fit only in the fashion and dance, but also musical instrument, health care, sports, AR/VR and more.

Information for developers

Orphe Developers Community

Community for Orphe Developers.
You can also download SDK from here.

Orphe Developers

We provide information to develop applications corresponding to Orphe, SDK and specialized applications.

Product Specifications

Size 23.5cm
Weight [Approx.] 1.0kg 1.0kg 1.1kg 1.2kg
Color Black/White
LED Approx. 100 full color LED
Connection BLE
Battery life About 1 to 5 hours
Charging time About 30 mins to 1 hour
Charing USB rechargeable
Motion Sensor Realtime 9 axis sensor [3 axis acceleration sensor / 3 axis angular velocity sensor / 3 axis geomagnetic sensor]


We have an iOS/Android application “Orphe App” and a Mac application “HUB App”.
Please check the instructions for how to use.

Orphe is not waterproof.
Water can damage electronic parts inside Orphe causing failure or injury. Please be careful of exposing Orphe to water.

The life span of the LED is generally longer than incandescent light. The life will depend on frequency of use and time of use.
Therefore, we do not provide information on specific day and hours. Thank you for your understanding.

You may not remove the LED because the unit is integrated with the sole.
In case of trouble such as malfunction of LED, it is possible to request repair exchange correspondence based on the warranty provision.


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About us

no new folk studio Inc.

We are a startup with a mission "Life becomes Art".

no new folk studio Inc. is a startup company founded in October 2014.
We are creating a new product / service / platform with a mission "Life becomes Art."

In addition to developing the Orphe: Smart Footwear, no new folk studio Inc. is cooperating in the production using the advanced LED maneuvering technique cultivated in Orphe's development.
We also work on video and music making use of the background of members who have been involved in expression activities.

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no new folk studio Inc.